Girls, what do you want to be?

By Saira Ansari | Blog

Oct 12
This International Day of the Girl, we at Dairay want the Girls in Pakistan to discover the diverse, amazing and successful women they have access to as role models.


I’m a sucker for economics, which obviously means I overuse a demand supply curve and everything that comes with it. But let’s park that for a second (you’re like phew). Yesterday, 11 Oct, was International Day of the Girl as declared by the United Nations – amongst other things, this day supports more opportunity and access for girls. It made me think, as a girl growing up in Karachi, I did not have easy access to a unique array of role models; I did not know all the amazing things Pakistani women, once girls like me, are accomplishing in every corner of the world. And that’s where the demand-supply curve comes prancing back in: can we increase the supply of relatable, accessible role models available to girls in Pakistan? We at Dairay are hoping to play a small part in doing that, and would love you to join our journey. Here’s a short clip for inspiration: