Video: Nazish Hussain, Founder of Secret Stash

By Anam Abdulla | Stories

Jan 05
Nazish Hussain is the founder of Secret Stash, Pakistan’s first online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of mid to high end designer clothes and accessories. Prior to starting Secret Stash, Nazish worked at Unilever within marketing. Nazish grew up in Karachi, attended George Washington University in Washington, DC for her bachelors and moved back to Pakistan a year after graduation.

In this interview, Nazish shares her entrepreneurship journey with us and talks about what inspired Secret Stash, the challenges she faced, her future plans and advice for other women. Her story will encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace your fears, follow your dreams, and put your heart and soul into your idea. In her words, “Go for it, because what’s the worst that can happen?” Happy watching 🙂