Emaan Karamatalluah, MBA Candidate at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Emaan is originally from Karachi, Pakistan and is currently pursuing her MBA at the Wharton Business School of the University[...]
Sana Ali, South Asia Fellow, Stimson Center
After studying studying Literature and Political Science as an undergraduate student in New York City, Sana pursued her passion for[...]
Zunera Mazhar, Program Analyst at USCIS & Former Mrs. Pakistan
Self-awareness is a big part about who Zunera is – she is not just a program analyst, a pageant title[...]
Sarah Adeel, Founder, LettuceBee Kids
Sarah Adeel believes in magic and according to her, design is magic as well. She thinks that people respond best[...]
Mariam Adil, Founder of GRID
Mariam has often been called a problem-solver, a leader and sometimes a role model but she sees herself  more as an[...]
Ania Fawad, Fashion Blogger
Ania started blogging about fashion around three years ago while working as a vendor specialist for Marc Jacobs. Even though[...]
Wajiha Ather Naqvi, Project Lead, I AM KARACHI
Wajiha was born and raised in Karachi to a family where arts and music was greatly appreciated. Her father had[...]
Khizra Munir, Founder, CO Pakistan
Khizra Munir, the founder of CO Pakistan, is a confident ‘boss-lady’ who has a strict no-nonsense policy and a passion[...]
Video: Mahwish Nasrullah & Ayisha Memon, Pakathon Toronto
Mahwish Nasrullah, a Resource Manager, is passionate about creating a productive work-place. Ayisha Memon, a Digital Product Manager, focuses on shaping[...]
Maliha Azad Khan, A cross-industry view
Maliha was born and raised in Karachi, and attended college and graduate school on the East Coast. She has spent time[...]
Khaula Jamil, Photojournalist
Khaula was born and raised in Karachi after having spent her childhood in the Middle East. She comes from a[...]
Myra Khan, Education Consultant, The World Bank
Myra spent most of her time growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, but was born British and spent 8 years growing[...]