Samia Hasan, Career and Business Coach for Millennials

By Anam Abdulla | Stories

Nov 03
Samia is a career and business coach for millennials. Combining coaching skills with her professional marketing and business management experience, she helps young professionals excel in their careers and businesses. Having over 9 years of experience in brand management at Procter & Gamble, being an NLP practitioner and certified ICF coach, she guides millennials who are either seeking career identity, growth, going through a career transition, looking to launch their own start-up or wanting to create their unique personal brand.
Personally, she is a blessed wife, mom, daughter and sister. She has a toddler who is cuteness personified but also beginning to lose her mind as she approaches the terrible two’s. She’s an avid reader, traveller, health and fitness freak, music buff and loves cooking delicious meals.


1. Tell us about Direction Dose. What is it and what would you like to achieve through it?

Besides being my second baby, Direction Dose is where your career takes off with a bang! It is your dose of clarity, powered by immense self-belief and blazing positivity. Your road to a career worth raving and living for. My vision is to genuinely and compassionately empower millennials in their quest for self-discovery, helping them unlock their true potential to achieve their dreams and career aspirations. One of the strong values Direction Dose is founded upon is ‘having a profound impact’ on the people I work with. I thrive on building authentic and deep connections with fellow millennials to enable them to unchain their creativity and explore the endless possibilities life has to offer.

2. Why do you think it is important, particularly for millennials, to think about career coaching? And how is career coaching any different from mentor-ship?

Let me try to answer that by asking: ‘Why do you think it is important for you to know who you are, what are your values, beliefs, strengths and skill set?’ And ‘How do you think this self-awareness would help in carving out a career you’d be proud of?’. Once you know the answer to those questions, you will realize the importance of coaching. If you are a go-getter who values learning and growth and want to accelerate your career or business, then hiring a career coach will be highly instrumental. Those who have experienced the excellent results of coaching, vouch for it whole heartedly. People today are more open to the idea of being in charge of their own lives. Coaching helps them do just that.

For you to seek coaching, you don’t need to be a brainsick lunatic or mentally retarded. You can be a perfectly normal human being who is doing well in life and wants to do even better. It is not a woo-woo world of healing and fixing. Coaching is a process of self-discovery, led by the client and facilitated by the coach who empowers the client to discover the answers they need to achieve their outcome. Unlike counseling, coaching isn’t too interested in the past. Instead of where you have been, it focuses more on where you want to go and how to get there. Hence, coaching is essentially results-focused. It enforces accountability and commitment from the client’s end. It is a team sport where the client and coach work together to achieve the results.

3. What were some of the initial challenges with setting up a new business? What did you do to tackle those challenges?

Given how significant clarity and direction is for me, trying to figure out the end in mind was the biggest piece of the puzzle that kept me up at night. Once I had the clarity of what is it that I want to do that utilizes my strengths, passion and skills, capitalizes on my professional experience and complements my mission in life, from thereon it was a smooth sail.

Networking was a challenge initially, given I had hardly paid attention to it during my busy and hectic career at P&G and undermined its importance in general. Once I quit my job, I realized you can get nowhere if you don’t know people and do not strive to continuously keep building your professional network. I resorted to my highly extrovert, outgoing and adventurous self to tackle this challenge. Enjoying meeting interesting people, having intellectually stimulating conversations made me catch up on networking in no time.

4. A lot of people struggle to find enough support when they start out – what (or who) has been you biggest support? What is the one area you wish you had more support in when you were starting out?

‘Struggle’ is a mindset, if you let it get to you, you will be miserable. If you overcome it with conviction and style, you will be a hero. I thrive on change, transition and positivity as it provides tremendous opportunity to learn, grow and shape your life the way you want to. Once your mindset is right, you will find and look out for people who support you rather than being surrounded by negative people with ‘you-just-cannot-do-it’ attitude. My biggest supporters were my husband, family and friends. Worth mentioning are some new friends and acquaintances that I met along the way.

5. What has been the most effective way to raise awareness of your business?

So far it is digital marketing but it is too early to assess.

6. How do you define success? What are you personally most proud of?

For me, success is making an impact. If I’m able to positively influence someone’s life, career and help them to grow and succeed, I would consider it a job well done. My core values linked to success are learning and exposure, nurturing a sense of belonging and connection with people and harnessing my creative potential. Currently, I’m super proud of being an entrepreneur, founder of Direction Dose.

7. What are the top three skills that have helped you succeed?

I would say the top contenders are 1. Having a clear vision and the will to see it come through, 2. Utmost passion and resilience to keep going, come what may and 3. Embracing change with an open and positive mindset.

8. What is your typical day like? How do you prioritise and manage time?

I didn’t know life could be so much fun when you are working for yourself. Typically, I have a busy & happening day, yet have the flexibility to craft and adjust it the way I want. I’m big on planning and organizing so I plan and prioritize my entire week first thing Sunday morning and book my calendar accordingly. I take out time to rejuvenate and recharge on a daily basis.

9. Have you used any networks to help you achieve your goals? If so, what networks have you used and which have been the most helpful?

Yes, many social and professional networks. I’m a member of Ellevate network for women empowerment, Lean-in circles, Dubai Business Women Council, International Business Women Group, GCC Business Council, and some other marketing and media networking groups.

10. What is the most valuable piece of advice you have ever received? Do you have any advice for our readers?

The most valuable piece of advice, by far, were the words of my late Father in law. He told me to always count my blessings and practice gratitude regardless of the situation I’m in. We all go through ups and downs in life, it is our reaction to the situation that makes a difference. I learned that in the face of any challenge, it is up to you to choose joy and meaning. There’s a remarkable amount of resilience and perseverance that is anchored deep within us, it is up to us to see the light and be guided by it.

11. Finally, what is your favourite quote or words that you live by?

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill.