24 ways in which Pakistani women define success

By Anam Abdulla | All articles

Nov 30
One of the main ideas behind Dairay is to highlight the unique ways in which Pakistani women around the world define success. Success is personal and success is percieved differently based on people’s individual goals, personalities, experiences and priorities. The diversity of these definitions is something that we as a community are proud of, thus we bring to you 24 ways in which Pakistani women are defining success. Here’s to forming and sharing our own unique definitions of success.


  1. Success to me is… what kind of an impact are you making in the world – Sana Khan Niazi
  2. Success to me means: Staying inspired, being happy and helping others – Ruqayya Adamjee
  3. For me, success is making an impact. If I’m able to positively influence someone’s life, career and help them to grow and succeed, I would consider it a job well done – Samia Hasan
  4. Success to me is achieving your goals without compromising your values – Maha Qasim
  5. Success for me is seeing my dream become a reality and creating value in others’ lives – Sama Aman
  6. Success to me is when your brand becomes synonymous with quality work/product – Mariam Shoaib
  7. Success to me is knowing the work you do is having an impact – Myra Khan
  8. Success for me is leaving behind a legacy that outlasts your life – Misha Imtiaz
  9. If you can happily go to sleep at night knowing what you are doing in your life is your purpose and your calling, that’s success right there – Khaula Jamil
  10. Finding what you love doing where waking up and going to work each day doesn’t feel like a chore. Where you’re willing to do the not-so-glamorous work because you feel a broader sense of purpose – Maliha Azad Khan
  11. For me, success means growth, be it personal or professional – Faiza Yousuf
  12. Success to me is doing a job I love and being recognized for it and earning enough to pay the bills, cover the bills of my many animal rescues and travel with my best friend – Khizra Munir
  13. Success is happiness – Wajiha Ather Naqvi
  14. Success is a priority – Ania Fawad
  15. I believe there are no short-cuts to success. The grind that one’s goes through in reaching the top is vital as it provides invaluable experience – Moneeza Butt
  16. Success is being able to wake up every morning and have a sense of purpose – Mariam Adil
  17. Success to me is all about the audacity to take risks and fail and repeat. Success also means not to feel ashamed in asking for help from those who know better – Sarah Adeel
  18. Success to me is truly being happy and content with your life. No dollars, no job, no relationship is a measure of success. You are as successful as content you are in your life. It also means reaching a place where I am constantly giving back, not a moment, but a place – Zunera Mazhar
  19. I define success as the feeling at the end of the day spent giving your intellect and energy towards working towards concrete goals, balancing work with passion…and crossing out as many to-do list items as possible – Sana Ali
  20.  Success for me is getting out of your comfort zone and pushing limits to excel in your field, giving it all you got and sleeping contently in bed every night without regrets. Having my expectations and objectives clear helps me be more comfortable in my skin and that’s everything to me. – Wajeeha Rahman
  21. Going to bed each night with a feeling of accomplishment and waking up every morning (or every other morning) with a sense of personal fulfillment – Fatima Zara Mallick
  22. Success is a combination of making my parents proud and being in a position to influence others in a positive manner. – Emaan Karamatullah
  23. Success for me is accomplishing something – ideally collaboratively – that can affect some sort of positive change in someone’s life. I’m a big believer in shared successes and shared credit for success – Ayisha Memon
  24. People always want to define success as one thing. I like to think success is what we make it out to be. It can be as small as getting groceries for your mother to graduating from university to helping a developing country. Find your own way of defining success and share it with the world – Mahwish Nasrullah