We are establishing a formal Mentorship Programme which will match you with mentors/mentees and cater to your specific needs. Stay tuned!

​Defining a Mentor

A mentor as officially defined, as a "trusted counselor or guide." Dairay views this definition as somewhat constrained and instead likes to think of mentors in the words of Melvin H. Green:

“A [successful] mentor involves being part teacher, part advisor and part friend. The proportion of each varies from one mentor to the next.”

Benefits of Mentorship

The benefits of having mentors are invaluable – mentors are a source of advice, inspiration, guidance, wisdom and insights. Mentors provide mentees with a support system and enable them to determine goals and figure out ways to achieve those goals. Given that globally, 63% of women have never had a formal mentor, we want to take a small step at lowering this statistic.​

How you can help

We at Dairay believe that all mentorship relationships are unique - they are formed organically and their strength depends on both the mentor and the mentee. Therefore, we are working on determining a way in which we can ensure the success of these relationships. We want to get to know our members and our community to understand their needs. We want to learn about what inspires you, what motivates you and the skills and experiences you have and want to share. 

While we establish a formal mentorship program, please help us by signing up, completing your profiles and talking to us about your specific needs and goals. We ensure you that we will respond personally and promptly to all your requests.