Video: Mahwish Nasrullah & Ayisha Memon, Pakathon Toronto

By Anam Abdulla | Stories

Sep 02
Mahwish Nasrullah, a Resource Manager, is passionate about creating a productive work-place. Ayisha Memon, a Digital Product Manager, focuses on shaping and building products that make a positive difference in other people’s lives. Both Mahwish and Ayisha live in Toronto, and outside their day jobs, they are Co-Leads of Pakathon’s Toronto Chapter, which is a non-profit dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to create a positive difference in Pakistan.

Mahwish and Ayisha talk about their careers, aspirations, and challenges, and also share their advice for women looking to pursue careers where they can create a larger, more meaningful impact. They are both extremely passionate, supportive, hard working and humble, and this video is sure to inspire you and put a smile on your face.

Favourite Quotes:

Mahwish: “Being open to others opinions and having a discussion is key. . . Working together as a team or community creates pathways for success.”

Ayisha: “Don’t be afraid to take the first step and don’t think that any act might be perceived as “too small”. Having an impact doesn’t mean having to move mountains!”