Emaan Karamatalluah, MBA Candidate at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

By Munish Gup | Members Only

Jul 02
Emaan is originally from Karachi, Pakistan and is currently pursuing her MBA at the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. Footing the bill for a U.S. based education would not have been realistic for her parents  –  upon a lot of perseverance and hard work, she was able to secure a full scholarship to pursue her undergraduate education at Bates College in Maine, U.S. She graduated in 2010 with a major in Economics and minor in Mathematics, and chose to work at Analysis Group, an economic consulting firm in Boston, Massachusetts. She worked at the Analysis Group for five years. At Wharton, she is pursuing a Strategic Management and Operations major and is currently interning at Parthenon-EY for the summer.
Outside of academics and work, she considers herself an adrenaline junkie – she love sports (cricket by far being her favorite), hiking, and exploring new places/museums/historical sites.

1.So Emaan, what inspired you to pursue your MBA?

I worked at Analysis Group for five years. There were long days and nights of work, but I enjoyed working there because it was intellectually stimulating and I loved my team. However, after three years or so, I started moving into a more managerial level position, which meant that I was mostly involved in managing the projects and training newer analysts. I thoroughly enjoyed this, but I felt that I also wanted to continue learning. So, I chose to apply to business schools because it felt like the next best step in elevating my career. I was accepted to all three MBA programs that I applied to, but I chose to attend Wharton because of two simple reasons: the people and the possibilities. Wharton is an internationally recognized MBA program, and I was drawn to the vastness of resources and flexibility of the program.

2.What is your typical day like?

This one is tricky – a given day at Wharton can be a mix of classes, assignments, lunch/dinner with friends, meetings for potential recruiting efforts, and finally some exercise!

3.What is the best part about being in graduate school?

I am surrounded by smart/talented people, and I have the choice to meet these people every day and grow my social/professional network

4.In your opinion, what are the top three skills that have been critical for your success?

Communication/Presentation Skills; Developing good relationships with my coworkers and learning how to work well in a team; Finding mentors early-on to help guide/navigate my career

5.Do you have a role model? Who and Why?

Definitely my mother. When my father wasn’t doing well financially, my mother used to teach at school, gave tuitions and all the while was also cooking, cleaning and raising two girls. Her dedication and hard work is imprinted in my mind and if I can emulate even half her work ethic, I believe I can be successful.

6.What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Sounds cheesy – but I love Dr. Suess’ book “Oh the places you’ll go!” is probably the best graduation gift I received. It’s such a simple yet inspiring book

7.Have you used ever used any networks to achieve your goals? (e.g. any networks / mentors). If yes, what networks have been the most helpful?

Definitely – my Bates College, Analysis Group, and Wharton. All three networks have been exceptionally helpful in pushing me towards achieving my goals.

8. Are there any online resources you can point our readers towards who are interested in pursuing a career in consulting?

Rocket blocks if you’re looking to recruit for management consulting jobs.

9. And finally, how would you define success?

A combination of making my parents proud and being in a position to influence others in a positive manner.