Video: Anushae Shroff talks about being your most powerful self from the inside out

By Anushae Shroff | Blog

Sep 28
Check out our first #WednesdayVoice video with Anushae Shroff, who is a Passionate Holistic Nutritionist and Body Activist @ #YourBodyYourTemple. Anushae has been on a mission to empower women to heal from the inside-out so that they can be their most authentic, confident and charismatic self.
Watch Anushae share her wisdom on living life holistically from the inside out. Her philosophy is not just about eating healthy; its about the whole life approach that shapes our human experience as women – from spirituality to having a meaningful career of purpose and cultivating uplifting relationships that enrich our lives with love and foster mutual growth.


Anushae’s quick tips on finding clarity and living a life you’re passionate about:
1. Create the intention
2. Journal your thoughts
3. Let go of ideas, thoughts, habits and relationships that don’t serve you
4. Form a vision board
5. Implement your ideas and vision