About Us


Dairay (“circles” in Urdu) is an online community dedicated to connecting Pakistani women around the world to achieve their goals.


Our mission is to ensure that all Pakistani girls and women have access to diverse role models, career resources, advice and an active support system.

We aim to fulfill our mission by:

  1. Sharing stories and experiences of Pakistani women around the world who are defining success in their own unique way
  2. Inspiring Pakistani women to expand the framework within which they envision their own future
  3. Creating a network of Pakistani women who can help each other fulfill their goals and aspirations


Dairay was created because we realized that there is no one-stop shop for determined Pakistani women from around the world to come together, share their experiences and learn from one another.

Dairay aims to provide a space where Pakistani women can explore opportunities, make informed decisions about the dreams they want to pursue, and get guidance while doing so. We also want to highlight the unique definitions of success Pakistani women achieve everyday – the scientists and the sportswomen, the corporate execs and the entrepreneurs, the dreamers and everyone in between.

In it’s essence, Dairay represents a bigger, more diverse circle where Pakistani girls and women can come together to share, inspire and create stories of success.


  • Passion: We believe in putting our heart and mind in creating an interactive and productive learning environment for our community
  • Diversity: We believe in celebrating the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and the unique ways in which our members define success
  • Collaboration: We focus on partnering with members of our community to provide valuable and comprehensive insights and resources
  • Hygge: A Danish concept – it implies warmth, coziness and a feel-good state. We want our members to take away a bit of hygge from Dairay


Anam Abdulla

I grew up in Karachi and am currently a Policy Consultant in Washington DC. Prior to my current role, I worked in the financial services sector but decided to leave and instead develop a career where I can help impact people and communities in a meaningful way – something I am working on and getting closer to every day. I have a BA in Economics and Math from Lafayette College and an MA in International Relations/South Asia Studies from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. I am a chai addict and love watching scary movies. The one rule I live by? If an idea keeps you up at night, go for it, because that may be your true calling!

Saira Ansari

I work in the Media industry in London, doing Strategy and Operations. Prior to which, I worked in Management Consulting and also experienced start-up life at what was then the fastest growing website in the world. I did my BBA from IBA Karachi, and moved to London after getting a scholarship from London Business School to study for my Masters in Management degree. I am obsessed with the belief that the right people and support can lift you up and make magic happen. My alternative, dream career, is to be a certified Biryani taster.