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A global community dedicated to connecting Pakistani women to achieve their goals

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  • “I think networks make all the difference in the path that a start-up takes. I have fully made use of social media networks through LinkedIn and Twitter to find collaborators and those who share a common sense of purpose”

    Mariam Adil, The World Bank and GRID
  • “Working together as a team or community creates pathways for success”

    Mahwish Nasrullah, Pakathon Toronto
  • “Networking is extremely important, especially to be able to learn and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences”

    Wajiha Ather Naqvi, I AM KARACHI
  • “All the networks I have used have been exceptionally helpful in pushing me towards achieving my goals”

    Emaan Karamatullah, Wharton Business School
  • “Collaboration is the key to everything that is successful. Nothing can be achieved in isolation”

    Sarah Adeel, LettuceBee Kids



1. Why the name Dairay?

We wanted a name that reflects access and inclusion for all, as well as the ability to adapt and expand. We also think Urdu is a beautiful language and wanted to squeeze that in. Dairay, “circles” in Urdu, seemed a perfect fit.

2. Why is your website focused on women?

For a few reasons: First, this website is a purely organic product grown out of close to heart experiences of its founders. We know how restricted access to quality networks, learning resources and communities can be for Pakistani women. Through Dairay, we want to play a small part in providing such access. Second, this is a starting point for us. We are ambitious and truly hopeful about what we can collectively achieve through Dairay and want this to be a user-driven community. As we grow, we can drive the direction of Dairay together. Catering to one community does not imply or mean the exclusion of others.

3. Why do I have to become a member?

We want to ensure that our members are real people (yes, this happens!), who share our values, and are willing to contribute to the community and learn from each other. By becoming a member, you will get access to all our content including stories and blog posts, a members directory with the ability to contact each other, information about upcoming events and our closed Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

4. I am a male - can I become a member?

Unfortunately not at the moment, as we are focusing on building a community of women. However, if you want to help advance our mission, we strongly encourage you to get in touch and we can determine ways of collaboration.

5. How can I get involved?

That is great news! We have some ideas on how you can get involved. If you have any other ideas please do get in touch.

” When women support each other,
incredible things happen”

together we can make incredible things happen

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